Tips To Giving Your Child A Sustainable Swimming Class — Super Swimmies
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16 Apr Tips To Giving Your Child A Sustainable Swimming Class

When it comes to any sports and games, repetition and practice is really the secret to success!

Psych writer Malcolm Gladwell wrote about a 10,000 hours practice – by having 10,000 hours of delibrate practice, you will be world class in any field.

Thing is, how do we make lessons sustainable?

💥💥How do you keep yourself and your children perked up for class every single week for the next few years without giving up half way?💥💥

Here are some tips from our Head Coach, Coach Nian:


Keep your swimming classes as close to home as possible. It makes travelling a breeze and more convenient to go, so you give lesser excuses to yourself to skip it.


Ensure that your swimming classes are as close to your budget as possible. Overly expensive swimming classes make it difficult to maintain and continue, so children tend to drop out faster due to its hefty fees. Always remember, expensive may not always mean it is suitable for your child.


Choose a timing that suits your child more. While some timing may seem to be more attactive to the parents, always remember to choose a time that your child is most comfortable in.

In general, avoid choosing timing near to his nap or eating time as the child may be sleepy or hungry and therefore lose interest in learning.


It takes a determined parent to raise a determined child! Sometimes, children tend to lose interest after meeting obstacles, like difficulty in learning a stroke, exhaustion from swimming laps… all of these may play a part to let the child want to give up.

Parents should try to take on a positive role to encourage their children. For example, parents can wait for their children at the opposite end of the pool to cheer them on. Many of our children flourish because of their supportive parents.


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