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Terms & Conditions

By enrolling yourself / your child to Super Swimmies Swim School, you agree that you have read and understood the terms and conditions completely. Super Swimmies retains the rights to make any changes to the Terms and Conditions without prior notifications. A more detailed copy of Terms and Conditions will be provided for by Super Swimmies Swim School upon enrolment.

Kids Group Classes
  • Swimming Equipment such as Kickboards, Pull Buoys, Life Jackets, Hand Floats , Noodles or Back Floats are provided during the lesson only. Students are required to bring their own Swimwear, Goggles, Cap and Clothing for lesson if required.
  • There will be lessons as usual on Public Holidays and School Holidays, unless otherwise specified by the instructor.
  • There will be no classes on Chinese New Year (CNY) Eve and 6 days from the first day of Chinese New Year.
  • Lessons run continuously every week, unless otherwise advised by the instructor.
  • New students will be allocated into an available class, unless the classes have reached its maximum capacity. Minimum of 5 students is required to open a new class slot, as such, we seek your understanding if you are unable to join an available class immediately.
  • The class is filled based on first-pay-first-allocate basis of registration fee. No slots will be assigned to the child if the registration fee is not paid. (See Payment for more details)
  • All admission fees and other pool-related expenses will be paid by the student. Super Swimmies will not be held liable for any discrepancies and students should liaise directly with the pool management in this aspect.
Trial Class
  • Payment for trial class has to be made before the commencement of class to guarantee a slot. Slots will not be allocated to the child should the payment is not made at least 1 day before the lesson. Should the child turns up at the pre-arranged timing without prior payment, the school reserves the right to turn the child away if the class is already filled.
  • Once slot is confirmed, changes to the class, if any, have to be made known to the school at least 1 week in advance. Any last minute changes are considered on case-by-case basis, where Medical Certificates and/or other supporting documents might be required to support the changes.
  • Children who have paid and miss their trial class will be considered as such. There will be strictly no make-up class or refunds for missed trial classes after confirmation.
  • Make-up class will be provided for students should it rain during their trial class. There are strictly no refunds for trial classes.
  • The validity for trial classes is 3 months upon payment. E.g. If payment has been made on 1 June for the trial class, the lesson has to be fulfilled by 1 September. There is strictly no further extension for the trial class validity and payment for trial class will be forfeited.
  • Upon confirmation (without registration fees paid), Super Swimmies will reserve the slot for a maximum of 1 week from the start of the swimming lesson.
  • Registration fees will be forfeited if the student does not commence class within two weeks from the stipulated start date
  • Student is required to make the first payment in full (1 month deposit plus 1 month fee or promotional rate set by the School) either by Cash, Internet Banking or ATM Transfer. We apologize that we do not accept cheques at the moment. Fund transfers should be backed up with original receipts or screenshots for verification purposes. Ibank transfers should indicate the student’s full name.
  • A one-time registration fee of $20 will be collected. Registration fees include a complimentary Super Swimmies Limited Edition Superhero Cap (worth $10) for a limited time period. Swim goggles and thermal swimwear can be purchased separately during classes.
  • No payment is required to be made if student is put on the waiting list.
  • Internet Banking or ATM transfer should be made to DBS 019-018582-6
  • Payments will be collected on the 1st week of each month. Kindly ensure prompt payment to prevent any disruption of the lessons.
  • If no payment is made within 2 weeks of the payment due date (date of student’s lesson), a penalty of $5 will be required along with the following month’s fee. Class for the particular student will also be suspended until outstanding fees are paid.
Swimsafer Tests
  • Super Swimmies conduct our lessons based on the Swimsafer syllabus. The Swimsafer accrediation is recognised nationally in Singapore and each child will have the relevant certificates indicating their swimming efficiency after they go through the tests.
  • Test fees are not inclusive within the monthly fees and would have to be made separately when your child is ready for tests.
  • The Swimsafer tests will be arranged every quarter of the year and/or depending on the number of students eligible for the test.
Adverse Weather & Safety Precaution
  • The Swimming Instructor and the pool authority reserve the rights to cancel or postpone the swimming lessons during bad weather (Act of God), for safety reasons.
  • If classes have to be called off in the midst of the lesson, due to unforeseen circumstances, land practice, water safety theory or Q&A session may be conducted in replacement of the usual lessons. In situations where the classes are being dismissed as none of the above-mentioned can be conducted, no replacement will be given and the lesson will be considered as conducted.
  • Weather is unpredictable, especially in Singapore. It can be raining heavily on or before the class but only drizzling or the rain had stopped entirely prior to the classes. As long as there is no lightning risk or visibility affected badly, swim lessons will continue, adhering to the standards set by Sport Singapore or National Environment Agenvcy (NEA). Hence, it is common practice for coaches to be stationed at swimming venues regardless of weather conditions and continue with lessons once conditions allow. Lessons are chargeable because resources and time have been committed to the lesson.
  • Do note that classes at condominiums and private group classes will be cancelled due to venue constraints. Pro-rating of the fees will apply. Please refer to the more detailed copy of Terms and Conditions for more information.
  • As coaches and resources have been allocated for the lessons, all lessons will be considered as attended and there is strictly no pro-rate or make-up for missed lessons.
Cancellation, Postponement of Relief of Group Lesson
  • In the event of unforeseen circumstances, Super Swimmies reserves the rights to cancel, postpone or send a relief swimming instructor if the designated swimming instructor is unavailable. However, should the child miss the make-up class, it will be counted as no-show on the student’s part and no other form of make-up class or pro-rates will be given.
Temporary Discontinuation
  • Students are required to pay 50% of the monthly fee to reserve their slot if they need to temporarily discontinue the swimming lessons for up to a maximum of 1 month (4 lessons).
  • However, if students choose to stop the lesson fully until further notice, the particular slot will then be given to the next student. Placement of the same time slot will be subjected to availability when the student returns.
  • The school must be informed at least 2 weeks in advance on the temporary discontinuation and slot reservation fee must be paid before the child departs for his leave.
  • If the child discontinues without notice, the deposit will be forfeited, along with the time slot. In the event of the student returning, there will be a collection of a new deposit, together with the fees for the month.
  • If the child has notified the school on the temporary discontinuation but did not pay for slot reservation, then the slot will not be reserved. However, the deposit will be retained and the child will join whichever available slot convenient for him/her.
  • Temporary discontinuation is not applicable for children in private group classes unless the entire group collectively takes a 4-lesson break.
Private Classes
  • Do note that private classes have its own terms and conditions that will be provided for to the student upon enrolment
Update & Release of Details
  • To prevent communication lapse and ensure smooth updates of classes and promotions, please keep Super Swimmies updated of any changes of personal particulars.
  • Parents also agree to allow Super Swimmies to send occasional updates and promotions to the furnished address and contact number.
  • Super Swimmies will not be held liable or responsible for any claims arising out of any injury, damages and loss of life while attending our lesson and this includes all cost and expenses incurred as a result of such claims.
  • Student is required to serve at least 1 month’s notice prior to withdrawing from the ongoing swimming lessons. The deposit paid during the first lesson will be used to offset the fees for the last month. The deposit is strictly non-refundable and will be forfeited if the student decides not to attend the last month of lessons.
Refund Policy
  • We apologize that there will be no refunds once payment has been made for the class.
Fee Transfer Policy
  • Fees are non-transferrable to any third parties.

Super Swimmies Swim School reserves the rights to alter any terms and conditions without prior notice.

Once the registration form is filled up and submitted, you agree to abide by the terms and conditions set by Super Swimmies.

Last updated: JUNE 2017