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29 Aug Super Swimmies – IMPT INFO for Swimsafer 2.0

Dear parents,

Congratulations! Your child(ren) is/are taking this upcoming Swimsafer 2.0 test. Please read the following post very carefully as it contains important information for the test.

#1. Swimsafer Practical Test Reporting Time & Location



Level Reporting Time
1 9:00AM
2 10:00AM
3 11:00AM
4 12:00PM
5 8:00AM
6 8:00AM


Please check arrive on time for your test. Latecomers will not be allowed to take the test and no refunds or reschedule will be entertained.

Location: Woodlands Swimming Complex (Ping Pong table / Foosball area beside the gym)

#2. Swimsafer Theory Test

The Swimsafer theory test is now an online test . Please look for your child’s assessment code in the link below:

Find your child’s assessment code here: CLICK HERE

Step 1. Log in website to do the theory:

Step 2: Key in your child’s NRIC, date of birth and assessment code to log in.

IMPORTANT: Do note that the NRIC and date of birth used are the ones you submitted through the registration link. If you cannot log in, it means that you have registered an incorrect detail. Please email the Swimsafer office at OR call 63457111 (Swimsafer department) to get them to edit the details. We regret that once forms are submitted, we will not be able to make any changes on our end

To prepare for the theory test, kindly read through these two documents before attempting the test:

Document 1 – Water Safety Theory

Document 2 – Water Safety Knowledge

It is compulsory for your child to take this online test as failure to do so would result in no certificates being awarded. Please get the theory done within 2 weeks after the practical test to prevent any delays in the process of the results.

#3. What to bring for the test

Please bring the following items:

  • 1. short sleeve t-shirt for test purpose
  • 2. shorts (only for levels 1 to 4) for test purpose
  • 3. goggles
  • 4. cap
  • 5. long pants (for levels 5 and 6 only) for test purpose


#4. Frequently Asked Questions – revisit

Here are some of the frequently asked questions pertaining to the test:

A. What if my child is late for the practical session?

Please try not to be late for the test as it makes the child nervous and might affect his/her overall performance. The test will go on according to the time allocated and if your child arrives too late for his/her slot, he/she will not be able to attend the test and will be marked as failed. No refunds or retests will be entertained for late-comers.

B. What if I forgot about the test and my child didn’t appear for the test? Can I schedule for a retest or a refund?

Unfortunately, once your child’s name is submitted to the association for tests, there will strictly be no rescheduling or refunds entertained. Should your child miss the test, it will be considered as such and he/she will have to retake the same level (together with the new level, if he/she qualifies for it) the next test.

C. What if my child is sick during practical day?

If your child unfortunately falls sick during practical day, we will require an MC for the exact day to be submitted. The MC will be submitted to the association for consideration for a retest. Do note that there will be no refunds of test fees for such situations and all decisions will be made by the association.

D. What if I forget my child’s clothings for test?

As all these are important items to test your child’s ability during the test, the child will be deemed as failed if they do not have the items with them. Hence, please help our children to ensure that they have everything with them for the test.

E. Who is the tester?

Coach Nian, along with some of our usual coaches, will be the testers for the test. There will also be an assessor being allocated to each of the test to ensure that the test is carried out fairly and as impartial as possible. This is also the reason why it will be difficult for us to “close one eye” for lateness, absenteeism and/or forgetting to bring items.

F. How long is each test?

Each test lasts from 30 to 45 minutes.

G. What happens if it rains during the test?

The test will continue to run if there is no lightning alert. In the event of a lightning alert, the test will be put onhold for at least 30 minutes until the lightning alert ceases, and the test will continue. In the unlucky event of prolonged bad weather, there is a possibility that the test will be postponed to other days. If that happens, we will keep all parents informed and updated.