Swimming With Children with A Cold and Cough — Super Swimmies
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28 Apr Swimming With Children with A Cold and Cough

Children and Colds

According to BabyCenter, children catch about six to ten colds each year. Younger children between 2 years old to 6 years old face more risks of falling sick because their immune systems are still developing and many of them have not adopted good hygiene yet. The fluctuating weather is also a contributing factor to children catching a cold.

Can my child swim with a cold?

According to MayoClinic.com, your child can continue to swim even if she is down with a cold or cough. However, parents should encourage the child to practice good hygiene, such as not spitting into the water when she swims. To prevent the spread of the cold virus, parents should also ensure that the child does not go into a crowded pool. Instead, choose a timing that has lesser people and ensure that the water is comfortably warm. Swimming in cold water will make the child feel worse when she has a cold or cough.

Do make sure that…

Your child is really having a cold and not other illness before letting him swim. Do avoid letting your child swim if he has a high fever or diarrhea, or vomits, as he is likely to have a more serious illness. Most importantly, if your child feels sick, you should keep him from swimming until he gets better.